our services

Environmental Monitoring

Evaluation of environmental healthiness through air and surfaces sampling.

We carry out environmental surveys, aimed to define the confined environments' quality, ensuring high standards and rapid results.


Design and Development

Development of solutions suitable for every context.

We design and develop sanitization and purification systems suitable for every need. Our technical staff will identify the solution that best suits your needs and the characteristics of the environment. By entrusting us with the R&D service you can access tax benefits.



Full results reliability : we test the systems, also on a fee or contract basis, according to international standards.

We carry out the testing service in controlled and safe environmental conditions; we operate in microclimatic chambers, working on ad hoc test rigs . In addition, we perform device efficacy tests directly in the application environment.


Scientific assistance and patenting

Fundamental importance toscientific contribution and innovation.

To achieve unique and innovative devices, we support our customers throughout the patenting process of their products and/or during the drafting and publication of scientific papers.