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We are an innovative start-up, formed by a competent and dynamic staff. We are a spin-off of the University of Urbino Carlo Bo: starting from our research results, we create solutions to improve health and life quality.

Our goal is to design and realize systems that combine the activity of sanitization and purification for indoor environments and water systems, ensuring safety and healthiness of the environments.


STE - Sanitizing Technologies and Equipments arose from the merging between university researchers and experts in the aeraulic systems and aerobiology fields.

The different areas of research have allowed us to create a multidisciplinary team with specific skills in health sciences.

We all share the same goal: reducing the presence of pathogens (viruses, bacteria and fungi) present in indoor spaces, in which we spend 90% of our life. We approach the quest for perfection with commitment, passion and seriousness.


Create awareness

Did you know that breathing sanitized air reduces the risk of respiratory disease?

Protect the health

Our team consists of young researchers specialized in different fields of scientific research that, through a continuous study, offer high-performance solutions.

Constant innovation

Through constant research, we can combine science, innovation and technology.

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