Scientific research and continuous innovation have led to the development of our patented 'CSA' (Continuous Sanitisation Air) technology, designed to guarantee maximum safety by continuously sanitising the air in rooms where people are present.

 Through this innovative technology, our devices combine continuous air sanitisation and purification through the innovative use of ionisation, filtration and UV-C LEDs.

The patent is valid in all fields of application (industrial, civil, naval, etc).


Thanks to UV-C LEDs' technologies in the device allow the reduction of the energy impact in the contexts in which it is applied. In addition, the filter used to purify the air from atmospheric particulates and allergens, can be easily disposed of as normal waste since it is constantly sanitized.

Real-Time Monitoring

Our devices are equipped with a sensor platform to continuously monitor air quality parameters such as pressure, airflow speed, temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric particulate matters (PM10, PM2.5, PM1) and gaseous pollutants (VOC, CO2).

Artificial Intelligence Integrated

Through these sensors, users can view air quality data in real time on different platforms, including smartphones. Moreover, data from several devices located in different environments can be monitored simultaneously using a single screen. In the future, our systems will be able, through artificial intelligence, to adjust their performances according to air quality parameters and the number of people in the environment.


Our research is carried out with passion and seriousness by our internal researchers. Every day we face different challenges to ensure highly technological solutions that protect human health.  Our projects are based on results of scientific studies, that confirm an inactivation rate higher than 99% of the air


We feature a wide range of machinery and instrumentation in compliance with quality and safety standards.

Product validation takes place through environmental sampling on site or in the presence of people; moreover a test report will be performed by the University of Urbino Carlo Bo, in accordance with current standards.